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x Time Clock is a reliable, secure cloud and web based time clock system for any size business. It was designed for business owners, bookkeepers and payroll professionals to track employee's time, absence, jobs and shift note. FREE PLAN is available with unlimited managers and employees supported for all features except for reports. Manage timesheets in real-time. finish payroll in minutes. FREE apps FREE support !!! Sign up and use it within 30 seconds for FREE. No contract needed, no credit card required.


Clock in from any where

Your employee can clock in from any where with computer and smart phone that has Internet access.

View from any where

Manager can view all REAL TIME data from any where with computer and smart phone that has Internet access.

Password protected

There are 3 levels password protected. Company password can restrict employees only to clock in from offices.

Job tracking

You can track all jobs. It helps you to know who worked for how many hours for a job. It calculates the cost.

Free plan vs paid plan

The only difference is that free plan users access basic reports, while paid plan users access all reports.

Free technical support

We won't charge for questions. We are here with toll free number phone call, live chat, email and ticket system.

Time Tracking

The primary function of x Time Clock is to make employee time keeping accurate, easy and efficient. This is accomplished through the main screen in which an employee simply selects his or her name, clicks the Clock IN or Clock OUT button and enters their password.

Clock in and out

Employees clock in and out with the click of a button and optional password.

Track more than time

Time entries can be associated with job, project, department, shift, work group, accounting code or pay type such as vacation, sick or holday.

Simple communication

Employees can enter notes when clocking in and out to let others know when, where or what they are working on.

Time rounding

Time entries are accurate to the second and can be rounded up, down or to the nearest number of minutes you choose.

Overtime calculation

Flexible overtime rules for day and week can be triggered by regular hour limits you specify.

Time entries calculations

Time, Pay and Job Cost Reporting

The biggest value our time clock software has to offer is extensive reporting capabilities. x Time Clock will put information at your finger tips to automate payroll processes, address time and payroll issues, and analyze employee, job and project cost data to help you make better decisions and keep your customers happy.

  • Multiple time and pay reports in summary and detail formats.
  • Cost reporting of time and pay by job, project, account code, employee or work group.
  • All reports can be ran for any time period daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, yearly and so on.
  • The Employee report includes his/her details info.
  • Reports can be exported to Excel(.csv) or PDF for further analysis or to email and share with others.
  • The time entries can be exported to Excel (.csv) for integration with other accounting and payroll systems.

Employee Communication

x Time Clock provides value beyond just the employee time clock and reporting with added features focused on improving employee communication. With our time clock software employees will be more aware of one another and it will be easier for them to share information.

  • Employees can see who is clocked in and who is clocked out in each work group and what project or job they are working on.
  • Employees can enter notes for everyone to see when clocking in and out. They can share plans, status updates, when, where and what they are working on, etc.


There are 3 levels of security in our time clock software, company password, administrators and employees. Administrator access is granted through the use of an Administrator password. Employee access is granted through the use of the individual employee's password.

  • Administrators can configure the system, run reports, add and edit employees and time entries and clock employees in and out for any time.
  • Employees can clock themselves in and out, select the job they are working on and enter notes.

Simple and free online time clock

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Desktop app for Windows XP/7/10

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